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Loan Review

In the current economic climate, do you know the true credit quality of your loan portfolio?  Have you identified your potential high-risk loans?  Is the amount of your loan loss reserve reasonable based on the overall credit quality of your loans?  Scott - Riddle Consulting can help provide you with answers to these questions through an external loan review.

Prior to commencing our loan review fieldwork, we will meet with you and discuss the scope that you would like for us to use in our loan review.  In our fieldwork, we will help you identify loans that may be of substandard credit quality or may be under-collateralized.  We will also help you identify loans that may present a higher risk of loss, as well as loans that may have documentation exceptions in the file.

At the conclusion of our work, you will receive a report that includes: (1) a detailed narrative for each loan reviewed that the firm considers to be a classified loan, (2) an individual grade for all loans reviewed – the firm will use your grading scale in our work in order for you to accurately compare your grade to the firm’s grade, (3) a table of loan documentation exceptions, and (4) detailed charts and graphs of pertinent information about your portfolio.

At Scott - Riddle Consulting, we have years of expertise in providing external loan review services to community financial institutions and would be happy to assist you in this area.